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In this period, remitting high fever and the development of inderal pills reactions are observed. When examining patients, bright hyperemia and puffiness of propranolol online, neck, sometimes subicteric sclera and skin are noted.


Hemorrhages appear on the mucous membranes, often hemorrhagic exanthema. In severe cases of the disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemoptysis are observed. Examination of the cardiovascular system reveals bradycardia and hypertension.


The Shandy Clinic Tracheobronchitis and bronchopneumonia are often detected. Often determined by an increase in the liver and spleen, as well as polyadenitis. Diuresis in patients is usually reduced.

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When examining blood, leukopenia, an increase in the number of lymphocytes, an almost complete absence of neutrophils, and thrombocytopenia are noted. A decrease in the level of prothrombin, fibrinogen and other blood coagulation factors is naturally detected. In the urogram, albuminuria, hematuria, cylindruria are often determined. Mortality ranges from 6 to 20%.

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Prevention is reduced to a wide implementation of deratization and insecticidal measures in the foci of infection. Positive results have been obtained from the use of a live attenuated vaccine from the XJ strain. Fever Fever is not an independent disease. Fever is a general reaction of the body to pathogenic effects (infection, injury, etc.). It has a protective value and is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, general sweating, redness of the skin.

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Crimean hemorrhagic fever inderal information.

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The disease was first described by MP Chumakov and co-authors in 1944–1945. in the Crimea and later in the republics of Central Asia.

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